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FKK Group is a privately held company based in Samsun Turkey. The Company was founded by two visionary Turkish entrepreneurs Tayyip Altuncu and Ahmet Avni Altuncu brothers in 1957. Since thenFKK Group has become the world's leading spare parts manufacturer for automotive, mining, marine, industrial, and construction sectors. Today, second and third generations of Altuncu family are in control of firm's management. FKK Group has 4 production plants 2 in Samsun, 1 in Corum, 1 in istanbul and 3 offices for marketing in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir.

FKK Group manufacture and supply spare parts such as jounce bumpers for automotive sector, rubber mill liners for mining industry, marine fenders for sea ports, Vulkollan tow to top rollers and forklift wheels for industrial equipment and rubber bridge bearings for one of the biggest construction projects in Turkey and worldwide.

Our company philosophy ''Excellent Quality, Competitive Price and On Time Delivery '' obtain us to export our products to more than 55 countries worldwide. We have developed our long term marketing strategy that represent our country in world markets by reaching this number to 196 countries in 7 continents. Our objective is to be the world's leading and most trusted spare parts manufacturer for worldwide.


No Uncomfortable Driving Atmosphere, No Waste Of Money, No Flat Tires, No Repair Costs, No Pressure Control...

Tyrfil is a two-component fluid urethane that is injected into pneumatic tires with constant pressure. After the process of vulcanization within an adequate time period and at a temperature higher than 20°C, Tyrfil turns into a soft and elastic elastomer ensuring the elasticity of the pneumatic tire. A tire being filled with Tyrfil® in accordance with its size and loading rates can continuously be operated at high speed in any work environment. Briefly, this means that you profit while the wheel rolls. Tires filled with Tyrfil® have lower maintenance costs, cause lower fuel consumption, higher mileage and a maximum tire life. As a result of the optimized traction and slip resistance, the tire efficiency is at the highest level possible.


To reduce operating costs by increasing production volumes, avoiding stoppages, being able to keep up with work schedules, improving equipment safety and being not dependant on auxiliary tools and equipments.

  • Utilisability in every sector
  • Eliminates the possibility of tire explosions
  • Easy to use
  • Resistant to high pressure
  • Suitable for all kinds of tires